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Aftel Consulting, LLC is a family-owned business venture, founded to draw on personal interests and strengths to provide valuable services to the community. Robert is a certified vehicle appraiser, working with the International Vehicle Appraisers Network. Nora is working at home, providing cost effective web solutions for small businesses and individuals.

Vehicle Appraisals by Robert and Nora Aftel

1964 Buick Riviera Robert Aftel is a mechanical engineer and an avid antique car enthusiast and hobbyist. He grew up around cars and has always appreciated the design and engineering that goes into each new car. He joined the International Vehicle Appraisers Network (I-VAN) in 2007. This is a network of automotive hobbyists who are carefully selected, then trained and certified as appraisers. Robert's genuine appreciation and understanding of vehicles provides a unique advantage in determining their value.

Nora Aftel is a car nut by association. She has spent many years by Robert's side working on the cars and learning about them. She is an electrical engineer and enjoys learning about the technical aspects of automotive design. She joined the I-VAN network in 2013.

More information about Robert and Nora Aftel and their work as vehicle appraisers is available here.

Web Services by Nora Aftel

Monkey on FenceNora Aftel was raised to put her best foot forward, especially in documentation. In her years as an engineer in the professional workforce, Nora was recognized as someone with a strong attention to detail.

In 2011, Nora left her job to spend time with the family and homeschool the Aftel children. In order to keep her technical skills sharp while homeschooling, Nora has decided to assist others with web solutions.

More information about Nora and her work at home is available on her page.