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Are you unsure of what will become of your beloved and beautiful collection of cars, trucks, motorcycles, antique tractors, car parts, and more when you die?

Our appraisal assures that either in advance or as a condition of your will, that your heirs receive the fair market value of your treasured vehicles, parts, and automotive collectibles.

On the other hand, perhaps you have found yourself in the position of settling an estate and are unsure of how to determine the value of the vehicles and associated automobiia.

We provide impartial valuations of vehicles and automobilia to help heirs to determine how to settle the estate fairly.

If sale of a vehicle is part of the disposition of the estate, an appraisal can help with setting a realistic price and assuring buyers of the value of the vehicle.

Larger estates facing estate taxes can also protect against overpayment of taxes.

A standard vehicle appraisal includes an assessment of condition and a determination of the fair market value of the vehicle. It provides documentation which may be helpful in justifying the value assigned to a vehicle.

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Standard Vehicle Appraisal

$175 plus travel* and tolls

A standard vehicle appraisal provides a value of the vehicle at the current time. We inspect and photograph the condition of the vehicle and collect any information from the owner that could affect its value. We then rate the vehicle on a universal scale of condition.

We research websites, auctions, “For Sale”, publications like “Old Cars”, “NADA” etc., and consult with experts to establish the fair market value range of the vehicle. With all this information, we assess the value of the vehicle and prepare a formal appraisal report.

*Travel time

The first hour (round-trip estimate) is free. Any travel exceeding one hour round-trip (door to door) is $75/hour by car. Travel time is $50/hour for any transportation other than driving. Parking, tolls, etc. are additional. Motels, meals, and other related overnight expenses are billed at actual cost.

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