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Pre-Purchase Appraisal

Been dreaming of "that car"? And now, you have found it - online. But it's several hundred miles away...

We can go look at a vehicle for sale, describe it to you in detail, test drive it and report back on its performance. You can get the peace of mind of knowing that we have no interest in whether you buy the car or not. We provide a truly independent assessment of it for you.

Our assessment can help ensure that the vehicle you are buying is "as represented".

Let us be your eyes and ears.

We can save you miles of travel, hours of time, and lots of expense when shopping for a vehicle.

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Pre-Purchase Appraisal

$300 plus travel* and tolls

A pre-purchase appraisal includes all of the activities of a standard appraisal, but also includes an observation of the mechanicals on the vehicle. This includes items like checking lights, signals, brakes, radio, heater, AC, etc. The depth of this inspection is customized based on the information requested by the potential purchaser. Verbal or emailed feedback is followed by a formal report.

*Travel time

The first hour (round-trip estimate) is free. Any travel exceeding one hour round-trip (door to door) is $75/hour by car. Travel time is $50/hour for any transportation other than driving. Parking, tolls, etc. are additional. Motels, meals, and other related overnight expenses are billed at actual cost.

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